Radial Intervention (Catheterization through the wrist)

While it is difficult to believe, it is now possible to preform a cardiac catheterization via a small needle stick in the wrist.  This provides tremendous advantages to the patient.


  • Less pain
  • Shorter recovery time
  • No need to lie flat in bed
  • Eat immediately after the procedure
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Dramatically fewer complicaitons



What is the transradial approach:

The transradial approach (TRA) to cardiac catheterization has been gaining popularity in Europe and Japan and accounts for almost 50% of the cases in these countries.  In the United States we have been slow to adopt this technique and it accounts for < 10% of our cases. 


Visit the Angioplasty.org website to learn more



Is transradial right form me:

Currently Dr Zelnick is preforming the TRA on over 90% of his patients.  A quick simple test preformed in the office or at the bedside will prove you are eligible.



  • Westside Regional Medical Center
  • Broward General Medical Center

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